Monday, April 6, 2015

Day #15: Holy Pitfalls FatMan!

So I haven't been blogging in a few days. I am happy to report that I haven't deviated too much from the path in these few days. I am slammed with school and work and I also jumped back into a game that hooked me for 2 years of my life. I have also developed a back issue that shows itself everyday I walk around 10 minutes in. If you didn't know, I had a pretty serious accident about 14 years ago and now am the proud owner of 6 inches of high grade titanium lining a portion of my spine. No excuses though. That's the focus of today. So I have ordered myself a back brace and I am excited at the possibilities of having a walk without back pain.

I'm going to make this short tonight as I just finished a pretty intensive test and assignment for school and I'm getting ready to chill. I will write more tomorrow because it's weigh in day...YAY! Just know that while I didn't hit the trail like I should have, I was still doing stuff in the yard and such cause its that time of year...DOUBLE YAY!! At the last weigh in on Saturday, I came in at 364 is a little over 15 lbs. Then Easter happened and yeah..we'll see. I didn't over do it and I STILL have not had a soda so we shall see what the weight gods have in store tomorrow =).

Today, I hit the wife on a new trail and did pretty well. I kept up almost there and back but gave out the second half. One of these days, I'm gonna race by her, so watch your back Ang! I saw person after person walk around me and speed off and I got to thinking, they must think I'm stupid being out here huffin and heavin but you know what, that walk was probably 300 tines the distance I used to walk not even a month ago so they can watch their backs too, cause I'm comin!

Stats for today, 8409 steps, 3.97 miles, 8 floors and I'm just finishing up my 80th oz of water. Not a bad day to kick it back off. We'll see what tomorrow brings! BRING IT!

Motivation for today is like I said, no excuses. So I found a perfect example of this. His name is Bob Wieland.

This dude right here...WOW! Mr Wieland was a Vietnam soldier that got both of his legs blown off from a mortar mine. That didn't stop this dude. His list of accomplishments are mind numbing. This dude finished the  1986 NY Marathon, not in a wheel chair, this dude walked the whole thing on his hands! He has since gone on to compete and finish many marathons all on his hands. He also walked across the US on his hands to raise awareness for Vietnam Vets. Probably the most incredible feat though, he is the only double amputee to finish the Kona, Hawaii Iron Man race without a wheelchair.

Now if this dude can do it, who am I to stand here and say I can't? Hats off to you Mr. Weiland. Read more about him here:

And hats off to yall for reading. I'm still going and just wont quit! Yall be Great!


  1. Good to see you posting; I always get worried when people disappear for a while. I'm a bit of a gamer myself, what are you hooked on?

    1. No need to worry FogDog. I'm on!

      I'm hooked on a post-apocolyptic MMO called Fallen Earth. I got hooked about 3 years ago and they just added all this stuff and roped me in good again.According to Steam I have 1725 hours of my life invested in that game, which is sad but I believe it's very inaccurate. I honestly think I have well over 3000.

  2. Mr. W is pure inspiration. Glad you decided on the back brace , pain is no fun hope it help. onward and upward!

    1. No doubt Alati, I have no idea how I never heard of Mr. W.

      I was in a turtle shell for about 4 months after my failed superman impersonation and I remember how stable it made my back feel. This brace is no where near that sturdy but I'm hoping it will do the trick. Now if Amazon would just ship it to me...GRRR!!