Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Day # 10: Not Only Hanging On but Moving UP!

Today was the 10th day since I have had anything but compliant food and drink. 10 days! Funny thing is I can count my cravings on one hand. 11 days ago, I couldn't tell you how many calories I ate in a day but I'm sure it was enormous. I haven't even so much as walked by the snack machine at work. Don't get me wrong, there are still things I need to cut out of my diet and lifestyle but I will work on them slowly. I think I have made a huge step in the right. I kind of feel bad for the vending machine business that stocks our machines at work because I'm sure they have noticed a substantial drop in sales. 10 days! I still remember the last naughty thing I had, it was a plate of nachos at the local auction barn and a Super Big Gulp soda from the local gas station. I don't miss it in the least. The food I'm eating now is far and beyond more healthy for me and it is paying dividends hand over fist. NEVER AGAIN!

So I went out on my walk today and decided to walk with my wife and my spazoid canine life mate Kash. Not only did we walk further than my normal walk but I kept up with her for half the way, 3/4 of a mile I'd say. After we reached the train tracks, it felt like someone was stabbing me in the back and I was huffing and puffing but I stayed right there with her. No way on that first week would I have been able to go that far much less keep up with Speedy Gonzales. I have to say though that I am so proud of her. She gets out there everyday and humps it for at least 30 minutes, usually more. That is far and away a huge leap from both of our sedentary lives we led just 2 weeks ago. I think though that I could probably have kept up with her a little farther if my back didn't start up. I am considering finding me a back brace but I know that's going to be a challenge not only financially but also finding one that will fit around me. I guess you don't know until you look so that's what I'll be doing here shortly. Back to the walk though, I got all the way back in my neighborhood and I had thoughts of turning and heading straight to the house. Right as I came up to my turn, the little voice in my head said "Go until your finished, not until your tired." So I turned left instead of right and walked all the way around my block to get back home. It's very interesting to watch my body change and my endurance grow. It excites me to imagine the possibilities of things that I could do in the near future. As you know, I signed up for the Autism walk but that isn't until October. I'm thinking of finding me a closer 5K and going for it. Nothing would top off a week like finishing a 5K. I can imagine myself crossing the finish line already! I'll keep you posted on that.

I bumped my step goal up for this week to 6000 steps and I reached it with no problem today. Stats for the day are: 7125 steps, 3.36 miles, 3 floors and 80 oz of water. I can really see how water is helping me to not only loose this weight but also is keeping my skin from being dry. I had a 4 day weekend this past weekend and didn't really drink the water I should have and it showed on the scale with a plateau and my knuckles on my hand were like deserts again. That proves it to me that I need at least 64 oz and the more the better.

Anyways, it's about that time so I'll leave you with my motivations for today. Thank Y'all for reading and Y'all Be Great!


  1. I like the one about your legs are not giving out your head is giving up. In the six years I've had my foolsfitness blog I've really givien a lot of thought into how much of this is about a doughnut and how much of this is just about a nut (ME). Way to walk. I sit next to a big glass of water with lemon in it right now but I can't say I did 80 ounces wow man. Keep up the fight!

    Oh and don't forget at Foolsfitness we are all about beating up that poor bunny and stealing his chocolate eggs!- Alan