Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Day #16: And It's Weigh In Part Deux!!

WOW! That's all I can say. My wife and I decided to take the kids along with the dog to the trail we walked yesterday. I'm going to have to think about what I was thinking because I hit that trail like it was a free buffet! I was zoned and before I even realized it, I was at our stopping point. There's a nice bench there where I take a quick rest before starting back. Once again the back raised its ugly head and let me know, almost exactly 10 minutes into the walk like clock work, how much I can't wait for this back brace. I pushed on through though. We ended up walking for 20 minutes there and 20 minutes back. My wife took the spazoid dog on the way in so I could concentrate on nothing but keeping pace. I took him on the way back to give her a rest from his darting all over at every squirrel. I really didn't start giving out until the last 1/4. I couldn't talk a complete sentence and sweat was pouring off me like no tomorrow. It felt AMAZING! One day I'm going to run that dang trail, mark my words!
Me Hittin It And Spazoid Kash

Along the trail there is signs for an upcoming 5k walk/run. I am seriously considering signing up. The The walk I did today was a hair shy of 2 miles, 0.94 miles each way. The 5k isnt until May 9th and I would think that if I continue to walk every day I should be able to add another mile to my distance by then. Heck with it, I'm going to do it. I'm going to get the website tomorrow when we walk and I'm signing up. I've always wanted to do a 5k and this is the perfect opportunity.

Anyway I found a new motivation today. It comes in the form of an app. The app is called Visualize You. Now what this app does is it takes your picture and morphs it into what you will look like at your goal weight. So I was playing with it and just fair warning these pictures can be used to scare of wild animals in emergency situations but also might crack your screen from ugliness, but I have no fear anymore! Take a look at these:

The one on the left is me at 364 lbs and the one on the right is me at 225 lbs. Loose the shaggy bum beard and I like the right SO much better. Its a small bit of motivation but its definitely something to work for. Y'all try it out. It's free and for Apple or Android.

Anyways, official weigh in day! I got on the scale this morning to a number of 364.2 lbs. I actually took an increase of 0.2 lbs for my time away from walking but I'll take it because for the week I was still down 3.4 lbs! I think I'm losing my weight in my trunk though because my pants are feeling baggy but the waist isnt budging much, just a bit. It's ok I know it will come. It's got to. I refuse to let it stay on me. I have a long way to go to make Mr. Right up there but one day, that will be me!

Stats for today 7,649 steps 5 floors, 3.61 miles and 60oz of water so far.

Thanks for reading and if you can't be good, Y'all be great!


  1. I'll try the app tonight, but more importantly, where have you been. No posts in almost a week?

    1. Alright man it's been 11 days you are now MIA. If all is going well, then drop a post for us so we know you're just plugging away at it. If you've fallen off the wagon then pick your ass up and let's get going again. No excuses.

  2. I'm still kickin FogDog. Just havent had the time to drop a post on here. I'll drop one tonight or tomorrow. I havent fallen totally off the wagon but I tripped a bit. Nothing major, I'll let you know in my next post. Thanks for keeping a check on me, I REALLY appreciate it!

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