Saturday, March 28, 2015

Day # 6: What an adventure!

So I had to go into CPCC early this morning for a test in programming. Not what I really wanted to do this morning, but it's one day so it's cool. I think I did pretty well. The program worked as it was supposed to but  the only thing I have to worry about is the efficiency factor. I'm really good at toying with things until they work. I used to work on websites without knowing any language. I would peice things together and figure out a solution kind of like The problem with this is sometimes the program I write may not be the most quickest or best way to solve a problem. My feeling is, hey, it works so it's all good. Professors have other views of course. But we'll see, I'm sure I'll get the grade I deserve.

So immediately after coming home from the test, we decided to go to Carowinds and get our season passes. We've been holding onto these printed papers since Christmas, which surprised me that we haven't lost them in this time. So we pack up and head out. I was shocked when we got there and it really wasn't that crowded. I expected the turn out to be incredible with the hype on the new Fury 325. The weather undoubtedly turned most people away as it was pretty dang cold out there today and I cannot imagine riding a coaster in cold weather. Carowinds and coats just don't go together. We walked in and was out in less than 5 minutes with our new gold pass cards. While I'm thinking about it, let me do a quick rant. I remember the days when Carowinds season passes were sold for the same amount as the year. So in say 1987, you could buy a season pass for $19.87. I may be wrong on that but it is in my brain as truth for some reason. Anyway, everything in there is astronomically priced. We usually avoid any eateries or gift shops because of this. So the first thing I see when we pull up to the gate is that parking is $15 now without a gold pass. $15 just to park your car before even getting to the park! Then we get in and this year they are doing like Disney and the other parks and doing this FastPass thing where you can skip the long lines and jump to the front. I almost hit the floor when I saw how much that was. $50 per person! so for the four of us it would have been $200! That is insane! My wife said all the rides today seemed to take forever to load and unload and I have to wonder, is that just opening day norms or is that planned to drive people to buy FastPass? And then we went into a gift shop on the way out and I saw a Fury shirt in there and it had a tag on it for $80! I just had to shake my head. Oh and a bottle of water is almost $4 in there too.

Anyway, I'll get off my soapbox and back to it. I hit my steps goal in no time today.  I had 5,000 steps almost before we got to the first ride. I definitely didn't drink any soda in there because I think I would have went bankrupt. I didn't drink water though and I am felling it right now. I only ate 2 hard boiled eggs before going for the test this morning so I'm surprised we didn't fall into the trap and just pig out. It was a good day though. My kids got to ride everything they wanted. Well, almost. My wife and youngest were going for the bigger rides and some of them had too long of a line, Fury 325 included. And then there was the debacle of the NightHawk. It was closed when we first arrived but they opened it up soon after and my wife and youngest jumped in line. They got all the way to be the next in line and it broke down. I hated it for my kid because that was the only coaster she hasn't ridden in the park yet. Me, I was sitting on the sideline like usual. Too big to ride anything in there. It really does suck to sit and watch you family have fun on these rides and you cannot fit on them. I tried about 3 years ago to get on the Vortex with my youngest but when they dropped the bars over my head, they wouldn't lock because I was so big. It still haunts me to this day hearing the operator say, "Well we can get the over sized bars and put them on for you." This after pushing the bars against my chest like he was trying to break a rib. I was utterly embarrassed and should have learned my lesson then. I could have had this weight off of me by now and enjoying all the rides with my family. But like I said, it's more motivation to stole the fire that is growing inside of me. It might not be this year but I swear with my last breath, by next year, I will be on those rides!

So stats for today: 9,006 steps (almost double my goal), 12 oz of water (that's gonna have to change), and 4.25 miles walked. I also had a good victory afterwards. We went to Hardee's and I did not get a soda! I also ordered my burger with a lettuce wrap instead of a bun. Oh, and I almost forgot, I peeked at the scale again this morning and I have officially lost my first 10 pounds! I was sitting at 368.8 lbs so that's the first time I have seen a number under 370 in over a year! I must be doing something right.

And one last thing before I give you my motivation for the day, I have officially signed up for a walk. It's not until October, but it is for a cause that is very near and dear to my heart. Some of you may know that my daughter is on the autism spectrum. She fights the fight every day and I cannot say enough how proud of her I am. She has overcome things that I know would have broken me as a kid! She is constantly on the AB honor roll and is so close every semester to being on the A honor roll. So I have decided to join the Walk for Autism coming in October. I will post more about this in the coming days as I find out more information. It is a fundraising walk so you may see me asking for donations or fundraising when I can. From what I was reading, you can also join our team and walk with us if you choose and I would welcome anyone into the group.

With that said, here is my motivation for the day. Y'all be great!

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  1. Don't get me started on the damn kid parks; with 3 kids you know I pay a small fortune whenever we go. I figure the next we'll see is a Savings & Loan facility onsite so you can get a second mortgage on your house to pay your way in.

    Sounds like you did well getting through the day. You made some good compromises... especially with the burger. Keep going, it's those small changes that add and make a difference!