Monday, March 30, 2015

Day # 8: Another Exam And The Start Of The Extended Walks

I slipped up yesterday. I got comfortable and let it go. I did good on my diet, nothing I would consider cheating, no ice cream, candy bars or soda so that was a plus. But I did not walk yesterday. After the Saturday at Carowinds, my body was tired. Plus yesterday was Wrestlemania and I haven't seen any wrestling in years. So I took a day. I know I should have gone out and it wouldn't have taken me 30 minutes but I didn't and it's now behind me.

Today on the other hand, I hit it HARD! I started off the day dealing with the ever stressful financial fitness, which I wont go into here because that is a whole other blog in itself. But I stuck to my plan on eating and I had to go take another exam today. So I run up in there and it was just stopping raining. When I came out, OMG! the weather did like a 180 today. It is beautiful and cool out there so I decided to put in my walk early. I stopped by my mothers work on the way home and just said hello for a bit and headed home. Who did I come across but my dear wife with my spazoid canine companion Kash, out on the trail already getting it. I came in dropped off my stuff and changed into some old workout clothes I had in the top of the closet. I was shocked but they did fit me, close and tight but I could sit without them exploding so that was a good thing. I'm starting to be able to fit into more of my older clothes. More on that in a bit. Anyway, so I head out and I'm thinking just around the block and back again, but then I remembered the promise to myself to extend my walks starting this week. So I said I'll go to the stop sign and back which would be the same walk  I did the other day where I ran the last leg. I got to the stop sign and was still feeling OK so I said, I'll go to the church and circle back. Same thing, I got to the church and felt OK so I kept going all the way to the railroad tracks which I have never walked to in the 12 years we have been living here. I'm not going to say when I got back in my neighborhood, I didn't wish I did that but it happened and I'm dang proud of myself.

So second think about today, I went through a small part of my closet trying on some older clothes. I have some that are still WAY too tight to be out in public in but I did come away with 3 or 4 new shirts I can add to my rotation. I have one particular shirt I have been hanging onto all these years. The one that I said one day I'm going to fit in this shirt and it's going to be awesome! I haven't gotten that far yet but it does actually fit around my neck now so I know I'm getting there. My pants feel looser also. I know its only the first week but I can feel slight differences starting and they are getting me excited. I have a whole other wardrobe just waiting in boxes for me to be able to fit into them again so this might be fun.

Thirdly, I snuck another peek at the scale this morning and I think my scale might be broken. It said I was another 2.2 lbs down. I'm full out sprinting to that 350 goal and it's got me puzzled. That's a total of 12.6 lbs so far with tomorrow being the "official" weekly weigh in date. I don't understand how or why the scale is moving at such a fast pace now. There's no way that is all water. Or is it? I know the first time I lost all my weight back 20 years ago, I started out the same way but I only dropped 10 lbs in a week. Oh well, I'll take it. Let's see what the scale has in store for me tomorrow morning. I got a feeling it will be a positive either way.

Oh almost forgot my stats:  6108 steps, 2.88 miles and 36 oz of water and it's not even supper time yet!

So motivation for today I'll leave you with these photos and a video. Take 'em to heart and be great!

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  1. It's great to go 'shopping' in your own closet as old clothes start to fit! Keep it up!