Sunday, January 6, 2013

Tiger balm is THE SHIZZNIT!!!

So I found a GREAT pain product and just wanted to! It's Tiger Balm. This stuff is freaking incredible. I put some on this stupid knee and wham bam it feels almost good as new! So vitamin d, krill oil and tiger balm daily for me! To tell you how good this system is, we got the Christmas finished off by packing the rest of it and its already put away in storage thanks to my little elf Hailey who supprised me by carrying the tree by herself upstairs!! Now I just ate a snack of walnuts and an apple and I'm getting ready to start moving this curio cabinet my cousin Scott gave us ( thanks bro!). Well lemme get goin cause I still got a lot on my list and I'm playin Black Ops II with my other cousins James and Billy Ray tonight ( havent done that in a looong while!)

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