Saturday, July 3, 2010

07/03/10 A New Month and a New Me Already!!!

So 3 days in the books and I cannot believe the difference already!! I have not had a caffeine laced drink since Tuesday, no soda, no coffee, no tea. I know my body is still detoxing from it but I also feel that I am rounding the hump and the worst is over. Its really weird when you drop a habit cold turkey. When I quit smoking it seemed like I was walking in a fog for most of the time and sometimes I get the same feeling coming off caffeine. I did run into some problems in the past 3 days, I have a hair trigger temper and headaches that come and go but I know all those will pass with time and I will be sooo much better for it in the end. I just hope people don't think this is the way I actually am because I try to hold back but it is almost impossible. I still have to implement more parts of my plan but I think conquering the caffeine is priority #1. Now that that's waining, I will have no issues getting the other items on my plan started and stick to them.

I had a lapse in judgement yesterday but I will mark it down as a learning experience. First lemme say I did not have soda with it, but I ate Pizza Hut pizza yesterday. Good news is I found the way it made me feel was totally disgusting. I have really had no meat in the past 3 days, just a few bites of chicken in a soup, but that pizza was sensory overload. I had 2 pieces versus my normal 3 or 4 but those 2 pieces really opened my eyes. I now wonder if we are not conditioned over the years to "enjoy" these greasy high fructose corn syrup laden wheaty items. I think I can finally see why my daughter cannot eat meat because that meat lovers pizza was truly disgusting. I wonder if I pull back from meats all together, if they will become foreign tasting to me. Only 1 way to find out, but I don't think I'm ready to jump completely off that bridge yet. I think I'll tackle the caffeine and maybe afterwards move to a more vegetarian diet.

One thing I have found in these past 3 days is the great tasting drinks that are out there besides soda. I am hooked on Pom, a pomegranate drink sold in most grocery stores. OMG that is the stuff for me!! I thought I would never be the one to be drinking these "health" drinks but they are working WONDERS for me. I also just tried the Naked juice smoothies and I think they are incredible! I know these drinks have been out there for a long time but when you are bombarded daily by ads on tv, in print and on the radio reminding you to enjoy an ice cold coke, it kinda pushes these far superior drinks to the back. It's really kinda sad because I can guarantee these drinks will be sooo much more beneficial to me than the poison that is in a coke. I mean you can use coke to clean the oxidation off of your car battery for gods sake. What the hell was wrong with me? Why did I throw those cans down like they were water? All I can say is NO MORE!!

And now for the good part. So I got on the scale after just 3 days and I had to check to be sure that the scale was level and try again. I could not believe my eyes. Now I know it is just water that you loose on the first week or two on a new diet, but this was damn near incredible! In 3 days I have lost 13 lbs!! That is equivalent to a gallon and 1/2 of water!!! My bowling ball that I used to bowl with was 13 lbs!! Now I know the next weeks wont be as big on the weight loss side, but OMG 13 lbs?!?! And I am feeling much better every day that I do this! SO I get the benefit of lowering my weight and increasing my well being! Why would I ever stop?

So I still have to start my meditation and exercise but I go on vacation in exactly 1 week. We are going to a cabin in the mountains, far away from McDonald's or Coke. This is an actual working farm that we are going to be staying on and I trust and believe that if I cannot start my exercise and meditation in that setting, I will never start it. I have to say that they also have gold on the land also so I will be panning for gold for most every day that I am there! What a time it's gonna be!!

So there you have it, my last 3 days have been a real eye opener. I have to say sorry to Ang and the kids for being a bear for most of it but hopefully I am coming over the hump and will be a MUCH better father and husband for it! Thanks for everyones words of encouragement and well wishes. I appreciate them one and all!

Now lets raise a Pom in toast to good health to all!!

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  1. you've been making many small changes, but you see the HUGE impact they have on your over-all health. equate your daily diet with your spiritual beliefs, and make it every bit as important. one can't afford to ignore what they put into their bodies in this toxic day and age. <3