Wednesday, July 14, 2010

And the Mountains Win Again!!!

Ok so it's been 2 weeks and I've been chuggin along. I have not had a caffeinated drink in 2 weeks, until yesterday. I know, I know, I was doing so well, but in my defense I cannot resist the power of an RC cola and a moon pie! Dear God in heaven help me cause when you put the two of them together you open a portal to the meaning of life! And with yesterday being Ang's b-day, we hit Sonic like it was an oasis in the desert. Oh well one day doesn't kill cause I know for a fact I am not going back to killin sodas like I was. On a side note, I really think I am allergic to wheat for real because this morning I awoke to a nasty rash all over my chest and back. Oh well Ce la vi!
With that being said, lemme tell you about paradise! So we rent this cabin in the mountains for a week. It's on a working farm which is in turn on the side of a mountain and oh my god is it perfect. They have creeks everywhere, exposed bedrock that I could pick at for hours, gem mining (I know they are salted but I really dont care), and farm life all around you. There is definatly nothing quite like being awakened by a goat eating brush outside your front door. The air is completly different here, no joke. There is a certain sweetness to the air that just is not present in Matthews. And yes the amount of crap that these animals produce is phenominal, but it nothing compared to the ozone laden cess pool that is Charlotte air. I almost feel guilty for driving a car around the grounds to go get groceries. Then there are the hills and are these things steep. One wrong step and you would roll for eternity. The people that run the farm, Mary & Linda, and all their help are so nice and just plain down to earth people it makes all this come together in a perfect package called Randall Glen. Oh, and the stars are AMAZING! I have never seen so many in my life. It's truly amazing when you can look up and watch satelittes pass over and see them all the way across the sky! I will be honest and say if there were a perfect life, this has got to be it. I have gotten so much more out of this vacation than any trip to the beach where everything has to be bought and the price of the room is so expensive for the amount of room you get that you almost have to go in the winter when the rates are lower. Other than groceries and the cabin, I bet we haven't spent $200 yet all week and we could have been more frugal with groceries because most of the staples we could have gotten here for free.

We have one more night here and tonight is the bonfire and bluegrass and I am excited about seeing that. What a perfect way to end a perfect vacation. I really am not looking forward to pulling out. I think if they would offer a work for them option I would take it in a heartbeat and never look back. The benefits are just too great. I would go home, grab my dog and cat, have a free sell for all our stuff still there and be back here before dark!

I know when I get back, I may not like what I see on the scale, and I am prepared for that. I did not cheat except for that special occasion, but the benefit to my soul was way more important. I may not have lost weight, in fact I may have gained it but I have also gained a peace in my heart that was not there before and the soul needs healing just as much as the body. So even if the scale doesn't go down, it's ok. I have no regrets and I would do it again in a heartbeat!

I guess looking back, the only thing that could be said would be a quote from the best band on this planet, Blues Traveler, "And The Mountains Win Again!"

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