Wednesday, April 22, 2015

FatMan's Almost Daily Rant - Weigh In Results!!!

I missed posting yesterday, so I'm going to do an early one today. Just FYI, the scale gods were good to me yesterday. Even with the relaxed regime I did in the week leading up to the weigh in, I still came in with a 2 lb loss which I will take to the bank all day long. That puts me at 17.4 lbs down since my journey started a little over a month ago. I really feel that that 2 lbs was not earned but it happens. I was really expecting a gain. I guess I didn't fall too far out of wack with at least a loss. Like I said before, I really didn't fall back into the usual rut and kill soda and sweets. I did have some sweets but definitely no sodas. I don't want to get in the habit of doing that though because that is exactly how it has happened every other time. I do good up to about 10 or 15 lbs and then I slack off and add back that 10 or 15 plus another 10 or 15. I think I am better prepared now than back then though as I have others watching and keeping up with my progress.

Also just because I didn't post yesterday, it doesn't mean I didn't do the work. I put in my 30 minute walk again almost as soon as I got home and I also did a small 10 minute walk at work. The walk at work though was cut short because my back started up again and I didn't have my brace to help me. Also the shoes I wear to work are on their last leg and have absolutely no support left in them. I think I may start bringing my back brace and wearing my walking shoes to work everyday so I can get some time in. The only thing stopping me is the fact that my feet have a swelling problem at times and it makes the shoes a little uncomfortable after I have them on for a while. I don't want to get stuck having to be uncomfortable at work, but the benefits may outweigh the risks.

I'm also still plugging away dietarilly (is that even a I eat my breakfast have a super light lunch and then a sensible dinner. I was trying to totally cut out carbs or reduce them to very low levels but it looks like it's not come to that yet. I plan to continue to eat like this until I plateau off in weight loss and then maybe strict down. Still no sodas and nothing from the snack machine at work.

The hardest thing I think I have to face right now is the getting up at 5 am. I REALLY want to walk early in the morning and then maybe a smaller walk at night and/or do some dumbbell workouts. Getting up that early though is like pulling teeth. I really need to get in the bed earlier but for some reason I just don't do it. The first few weeks on this new lifestyle, I was hitting the sack at 9:30 pm and I had no issue getting up at 5 am. Now I sometimes don't get into bed until 11 pm and if I have a lot on my mind, I wont drift off to sleep until 11:30 pm or even 12 am. Honestly, I know what it is but its hard to give it up. It's gaming showing it's ugly head again. I get on my game and it draws me in and that's it for the night. I have built out a schedule for myself and hopefully I can instate it starting tonight.

Today, with the weather as beautiful as it is, I think my concentration will be on yard work. I need to mow the grass and all that fun stuff so that will count as my walk today. With it being on the cool side, I don't mind mowing the grass so much but when it turns hot, I loathe it. Actually the only reason I don't mind it now is the fact that it gives me a good workout. I'm sure it still will in the summer, but with my allergy to humidity, it's a little harder. We'll see how things shake out. Who knows I may feel a little differently about mowing the grass once some of this weight is off.

Before I go, I have to get something off of my chest that REALLY irks me. My place of employment has a wellness plan that is technically optional. They say it is "optional" but if you don't do their screening and health assessment, your insurance rates go up a stupidly high amount. With that said, I have signed on and I'm doing my thing to get points for this wellness plan. I understand the need to reign in medical costs and I think the idea of a wellness plan is a general good idea. I don't like the fact that we are basically forced to do and "optional" plan, but so be it. If it gets me healthy then I'll jump through a few hoops. Thing is it seems my company is dead set against this. Every workplace promotion they set into place has something to do with food. They also are constantly bringing food trucks out front to sell some of the most unhealthiest foods known to man. The other day my company launched a big new product and how did they celebrate? They had a vendor bring in coffee and high end cinnamon muffins. Not only this but they put it right up front where you had to walk by them not only as soon as you walked in the door but also all through out the morning. Then after the vendors time was up, guess what they left? A HUGE tray of cinnamon muffins. It was everything I could do not to eat at least a dozen or so of those muffins. Then today I get to work and they come around passing out tickets. I inquire about what the ticket was for and they tell me they are bringing in and ice cream truck today and that ticket is for my free ice cream. I mean REALLY? You force us to jump through hoops to get healthy and then you offer us this free food that isn't even close to being compliant? Now they say it was free but somebody had to pay for each one of those tickets, muffins, burgers, dogs, or what ever the flavor of the weeks is. My thing is, if you were truly concerned about your employees weight, why not take all that money you spend on that crap and offer us a gym membership, or at least a discount at a fitness club. It makes me so sick to see this. Either they don't think, or they don't care, both of which really bites my butt. If I was smart about it I would have gone out there with my ticket and got the ice cream and threw it right in the trash. Thing is I don't think I have that much self control yet.

Anyways, I'll jump off my soap box. So far it's been a good day and I refuse to let this sour it. I am going no where near that truck and when I get home, I will mow the lawn and enjoy the night. I might even try to break out the dumbbells tonight and see if I can really tire myself out to fit my schedule.

Yall Be Great!


  1. Don't get me started on work and health... in 6 months I have to sign an affadavit at work that says I don't use tobacco products or else my premiums go up $20/month. Good thing I quit smoking.

    We just had a weight loss challenge at work and right in the middle of it, they have an ice cream truck come and give out free ice cream for all the hard work everyone is doing.

  2. Haven't seen you in 3 weeks,,, You done already?