Saturday, January 19, 2013

Holy Disappearing Act Fat Man!!!

Ok so this morning was the end of week 2 and what a dang ending it was. I started off the week a little worried because my weight was just not moving. I thought to my self well this is it, you've hit the 10 lb wall and it's gonna be rough from here on in. I didn't weigh myself since Tuesday morning where I was still 358 lbs. So the week went pretty good, I put in for Friday off from work because we get MLK day on Monday so it set me up for a long weekend. On Wendsday I finished up a big project at work one day early so I decided to put in for a half day on Thursday also. All this week I have not deviated from my plan. The only thing I feel bad about is I am not drinking enough water. I usually go through 64oz before my lunch at 11:00 and another 64 by the time I leave at 3:30. Thing is the past few days I have been so busy with that project and looking forward to some much needed time off that I forgot to drink. Well that ends today. I just went to Food Lion and filled up my 5 gallon bottles for my water cooler. All three of them! So now I have no excuse for a while at least. The pain has eased up on my knee a little. I think I'm gonna start some stretches for it to see if I cant get the rest of the kinks out so I can start excersing. I also noticed this week that I am able and having to tighten my belt more. Nothing drastic but 2 belt holes is 2 belt holes and I'm proud of it. Well with the above info, I knew I would see a little change on the scale but boy was I on for a suprise. I got on there this morning and almost fell off. It said 350.8!! I had to move the scale and retry 3 times just to be sure but that is what it came up each time. So I am almost at my goal of 20 lbs not in 2 months, but in 2 weeks! I think I may need to be checked for! That is a loss of 18 lbs! 18 lbs and no exercise other than walking the dog. I cannot believe it! So what am I gonna do? Well I'm changing my goal that's for sure. Now I want to go into the Dr's office in March a full 40lbs down. I figure that 7 weeks to go and by adding exercise I shoud be able to do about 3 lbs a week no problem. I think I'm going to start by walking at least once in the morning and once at night. Also I think I'm going to start a weight regime with my dumbells. I think I'll try and take my measurements this weekend also so I can start tracking them. Oh well Its time again for me to take Kash out for some frisbee play so I'll sign off here and again please keep these words of encouragement and thoughts and prayers coming. IT IS PAYING OFF IN A HUGE WAY!! THANK YOU ALL!!


  1. Good for you Fat Man. I just found your blog; it looks like we have a lot of similarities in our stories. Stick to it this time, good luck to all of us.
    -FogDog Weight Loss

  2. Hey Fat Man-

    Where have you been? I'm restarting my weight loss, come check it out, maybe you can restart too!

    FogDog's Weight Loss - Starting Over (Again!)