Monday, March 23, 2015

One small step that hopefully leads to one giant leap

So there I was... I had every intention of doing good, really I did. I came home last Tuesday after doing a small walk at work and did a short 15 minute yoga stretch. Well, that's what the video was titled. For me it was more of a lay on the ground and grunt for 15 minute workout. I think I'm about as limber as a 2 X 4, but I have at least one good reason for that. 8 inches of titanium in the back usually makes one a little stiff. Well that and so many years of riding a couch. But I got through it, generally unscathed and with a whole new item to track, flexibility. Soon after that though my toe exploded in what I am guessing was a gout attack. I haven't had them for a while but this one was mercifully brief. By Friday I could at least put my shoes on. Why is it every time I've ever tried to start this machine up, and believe you me this isn't my first go 'round, something jumps me. I know the no excuses thing but honestly, I tried to walk at work on Wednesday and that toe was not having it. But it has subsided and today I hit the ground walking. According to my fitbit, I made 5,778 steps, walked 2.73 miles and climbed 3 flights of stairs. I know its not that much really, but from where I'm coming from, I might as well just finished a marathon. When I say I was living a sedentary life, I mean I was sedentary. The only walking I did was to the car to get to and from work and to the kitchen/bathroom and then that was more of a shuffle than a walk anyway. My life was spent in recline mode. So it's a little bit but I'll take it and honestly, its not easy carrying 380 lbs almost 3 miles. So NYAH! =P

 Another thing I am starting to do is track my food and water intake. I did pretty well on this today, I had my eggs and sausage for breakfast and skipped out on lunch, which I know I shouldn't do but I did, and had a sensible spaghetti supper. The only reason I had spaghetti was we needed to get rid of it and I'm not one to be throwing food away. I was raised with that being a sin which is probably part of my problem now.

 Anyways, I've not jumped off the pier into the deep end yet but I'm getting there. It's really going to be awesome to see movement on the scale again. I used to tell people I bought one of those talking scales but when I got on it, it said "One at a time please." I still remember the days when my wife and I were on the low carb diet back before it got trendy. That was tough. You didn't have all the choices you have today. No protein bars, no meal substitutes. It was a strict diet and I flourished under it. I lost around 80 lbs and got down to where I felt the most comfortable I have ever felt in a pair of shorts. Those were the days. Slowly but surely I'll get back there. One step at a time, one meal at a time and one pound at a time. It will happen! And here are my images of the day:


  1. Keep going; one day at a time!

  2. Jimmy, I usually skip lunch myself, but I think a piece of fruit and either nuts, cheese, or peanut butter would be a decent choice instead of a sandwich or leftovers.