Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Another day in the books!

Here I sit with another day in the books and I am TIRED! I haven't really been doing too much but what I have been doing is such a dramatic change from my norm that it has worn me out. I guess that's a good thing though. When I hit the sack I am out like a light and if it weren't for the bio waking me I would probably be solid until 5 AM. I really hate getting up because like last night, I awoke and hit the bathroom and checked my fitbit for the time on the way back to bed. I was hoping and praying that thing wasn't going to say 4:50 AM or something but I got lucky and it was only 1 AM. I REALLY hate when I get up and find out its minutes before I have to start getting ready for work. I almost feel the urge to throw a serious lay-on-the-ground-kicking-and-screaming fit. I am working on that though from a tip from FogDog, I have stopped drinking after 5 PM. Hopefully that clears that up.

As far as today, I had a decent day. I hit on 3 of my major goals so I'll take it. I walked 5725 steps today, 2.70 miles and drank 84 oz of water. I also snuck another peak at the scale this morning just to be sure I didn't dream the loss and lo and behold, I lost another 2.2 lbs. I know its water but it's 2.2 lbs closer to my goal. I am now less than 25 lbs away from my mini goal of 350. I need to think of a reward for reaching my mini goal. I want something other than food, and something useful. What have you slated for a reward for reaching your mini goals?

Now that I said that I just watched a pretty good video on motivation. In this video, a few of the things the person was saying is, one, you don't need to expect weight loss on a scale to succeed. I am totally on board with this. I know my body puts on weight and then holds onto it like it was gold and I know from my previous experience loosing weight that if you just keep up the fight, the weight loss will come. I know I'm dropping weight rapidly at first because of water but I think this will help keep me going when that scale slows down. I realize that massive weight loss every week is not sustainable and I actually look forward to the challenge of keeping going when that scale stops.

The second thing I took away from it is he said the changes you make have to be sustainable. You can't put your everything into weight loss and let your other responsibilities fall to the wayside. You also cannot carry a crazy fad diet on forever. At some point you have to live with your decisions. One of the diets I was looking at doing was the Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead juice diet. I understand that juicing can be beneficial and I agree that it has its benefits but I do not see it as a sustainable lifestyle. Doing a juicing to jump start your diet I think is a good idea but I really don't find vegetable juice appealing. I honestly think I would last maybe a day at best on that diet because I like to bite too But all kidding aside, nothing against juicers out there, if that's your thing OWN IT! I think with the vast differences in everyone out there today, there is a diet that fits your lifestyle the most and you should go for that.

And the third thing he said that I am certainly going to incorporate in my daily routine is visualization. He says to see yourself at your ideal weight, imagine what its going to be like, what your going to look like, how people will react to you once your hit your end goal weight. I will be using this in the mornings when I first get up and I have quiet time to myself before jumping in the shower and starting the rat race.

One more thing and I'll stop. He also said for this to be a success, you have to work for it. Its not going to be a cake walk and there will definitely come times when you just don't want to do your exercising or you'll give the excuse you have no time but you have to push those thoughts out of your head and again realize why your doing this in the first place. You are bettering yourself and that is one of the most important things I took away from this video. When the legs are cramping and saying " You don't need to walk today, you've been doing so good for the past week or 2 weeks or month", you gotta bitch slap that voice and tell it "NO! WE WILL DO IT!"

So I know that was a long one but I'm really enjoying this blogging thing so look for plenty more to come as I continue this journey to the real me.

And here is the video I watched. It's about 20 minutes and it looks like this dude has a lot of good videos in his YouTube account so I'll be watching him for a while. It is from's YouTube account. What sites or videos motivate you?

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